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Our History


President's Letter

December 19, 2017
Dear Neighbors and fellow Shareholders:  
With the end of the 2017-year approaching, I can affirm with great satisfaction:
Kimball Brooklands is back on top as one of the premier cooperative communities in Westchester 
As evidenced by the enthusiasm of our many new shareholders, Kimball Brooklands is again a much sought after place to call home. You should all be proud of yourselves for your patience and commitment to this effort. 
Thank you to our Property Manager and our Staff for their tireless efforts at keeping this place running smoothly - rain, shine or snow. Bravo. 
Landscaping is our pride and joy and it goes without saying a huge “thank you” to our dedicated gardeners and proud landscaping partner.
Thank you to the Beautification Committee for the two terrific events held this year. All shared a wonderful sense of community and goodwill. (A newly Branded committee is in the works for 2018.)
Personally, I would like to thank my fellow Board members for their “behind the curtain” work and support.  
2017 was a year of quiet but significant developments.
We fully expect to finish the year on a strong positive note.  Our expectations will be met and we look forward to sharing the audited results in early 2018.
We have taken a small but very significant step in efforts to qualify for FEMA reclassification. We finally received certification from our consulting engineer that all the remediation plans were completed “as is”. With the expected support of Yonkers officials, we will now move forward with our efforts to gain relief from the onerous and unnecessary insurance expenses.
Our solid legal claim against the State of New York is now in its final stage and arguments will be heard at a special hearing scheduled in early 2018. Hopefully optimistic but ….
The “Sparkle“ Plan is moving forward with the completion of the painting and lighting in all Hallways this month. Polishing the interiors floors and steps are next up with other improvements to follow.
2018 - Looking forward
Now, against all proper newspaper principles, I buried the headline. 
The Board has approved the 2018 Operating Budget and for the third consecutive year, there will be NO maintenance increase.
Our primary focus will be on the exterior structures. In the spring and warmer months, we will upgrade entrances to all buildings, including stonework, exterior cleaning of all facades, restoration of exterior windows and doors.
Plans are underway to update our current website My Brooklands and maximize the capabilities of BuildingLink. This dual effort will not only improve communication and property management but also show the world who we are.
As we look forward to the coming year, the Board is focused not only on maintaining the quality of life at Kimball Brooklands but always looking to enhance it. Your support is appreciated and your ideas and involvement are always welcomed.
On behalf of the entire Board, Nancy Ruiz, Jane Gaffney, Chris Hooke, Rich D’Amato, Jean Barish and Nelle Davis: 
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays!   Happy New Year to you, your families and loved ones.
With warm regards, Kevin




October 10, 2017

Dear Neighbors and fellow Shareholders:

It is often said that No news is good news, but a few good things are happening.

It cannot be said often enough, but the place really does look great, thanks to all the Gardeners and especially Tony and his staff. Who needs the Botanical Gardens?

Over the last couple of years, our attention was focused on the infrastructure of Brooklands, the “bones” of our home. While our 90-year complex is in terrific shape, from our heating systems, drainage capabilities, electrical grid, sprinkler and emergency back-up system, elevators, laundry rooms, not to mention Flood Prevention System … our focus now is to make our home sparkle again. 

Hence, The “Sparkle Plan”:

The first step is to paint the interiors of all our buildings.  After exhaustive review by Board members and a number of shareholders, Building 9 was selected as our model. Basically, that building needed the most TLC. By late October, our “demo” should be completed and will be the prototype for the other buildings.

Looking out over the next few months, the “Sparkle Plan” will include the cleaning, repairing and painting of the exteriors of all buildings, addressing all our beautiful stone patios and entrances, i.e., all areas that need some shining.  The full details will be provided with our 2018 Budget and Capital plans – STAY TUNED

We continue our efforts to further customize both our MY BROOKLANDS web site and the BUILDINGLINK application to leverage the optimum capabilities of both communications tools.

The 2018 Budgeting process will begin in earnest in November. After Board approval, we will share with you by the end of the year.

That is the “no news” for now. In ending, we are in great shape heading into the final quarter of 2017.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays, stay safe, and stay tuned, hope to see you all at the forthcoming winter events.

Lastly, I hope our resident “snowbirds” survived this hurricane season and will be able to enjoy their winter getaways.  

Warm regards, Kevin Murphy

January 27, 2017
Dear Neighbors and Shareholders
Unless you take action by March 17, 2017, Brooklands may become a more difficult place to buy or sell your apartment.
That’s because a ‘temporary’ amendment to our Proprietary Lease - which has been renewed every two years since 2009 – is set to expire.
The amendment’s purpose is to stimulate apartment sales by widening the pool of potentially eligible purchasers. It allows a new buyer (existing owners are ineligible) to borrow up to 65 percent of an apartment’s purchase price instead of the 50-percent equity interest that is required by the lease.
That stimulus will end if the amendment’s ‘sunset clause’ kicks in and reduces the newcomers’ financing limit to 50 percent.
The Board’s recommendation is to keep the equity requirement at 35% for additional years.
To vote, simply mark your ballot, put it in the enclosed envelope, seal it and either place it in the mail slot at the Guardhouse or put a stamp on the envelope and mail it to Douglas Elliman.
Bear in mind, it will take a 2/3 SUPER  majority or more than 17,140 of the 25,710 shares outstanding, for it to pass.
Only ballots received on or before March 17 will be counted.
Kevin J. Murphy
Kimball Brooklands Corporation



December 19, 2016
Dear Neighbors and fellow Shareholders: 
As we approach the end of the 2016, it is not only the time to look to the New Year with excitement but also a good time to look back and remind ourselves how far we have come from the watery days of the past.
But before we do, (never bury the headline) you will be extremely pleased that for the second consecutive year, there will be NO maintenance increase. (Brief highlights of the budget are discussed later in the letter.)
In a recently published article in Habitat magazine about the success of our recovery efforts and return to the ranks of premier properties in Westchester, it was simply stated: our two goals were exceeded, first and foremost the safety and security of our shareholders and secondly the financial stability of the corporation.  The Brooklands experience and how the community overcame the enormous challenges it faced, is held up as an example of what can be achieved.
The repaved driveways and parking areas, new internal runoff system, new pumps, refurbished heating plant, clean gas energy system, modified radiators, smart meter program, upgraded laundry rooms, new sprinkler system, new gutters, reinforced roofs are all overshadowed by the beautiful work done by our long time landscaper and architect. Together with our gardening club, the property has never looked better.
In March, Douglas Elliman Property Management was brought on to manage our operations and provide us with their broad industry expertise in property management with the added benefit of promoting prestigious properties.  In the upcoming year, we will continue the work of improving and expanding the efficiency of our operations and continue the pro-active promotion of our value to the real estate industry.
As added proof that our recovery is real, the number of sales and potential sales during the past year has increased dramatically. The “smart” buyers and brokers do not want to miss the market opportunities. The secret of Brooklands is out.
Looking forward
As mentioned earlier, there will be NO increase in maintenance charges for the second consecutive year.  Along with lower administrative costs and timely repairs and maintenance program, the full year impact of lower interest expenses and the reduced cost of our energy expense provides us with a projected surplus which will be added to our capital reserve accounts.  No maintenance increase, while adding to our capital reserve, is not only a win/win situation but also sound financial planning.
Now that the Board has approved the 2017 operating budget (see summary in your mailboxes), we will prepare our Capital budget and share those plans with you in late January or early February.
In closing, I would be remiss if I did not thank former Board member and President Kerry Smith for his heroic efforts in bringing us back from the abyss. His tireless energy working with governmental agencies, engineers, elected officials and others cannot be undervalued. While we were fortunate to have a fantastic talented team during the 5-year struggle, without Kerry in the driver’s seat, we would not have crossed the finish line.
I would also like to thank the staff for their commitment to keeping the property at its best.
As we look forward to the coming years, the Board is focused not only on maintaining the quality of life but always looking to enhance it. Your support is appreciated and your ideas and involvement are always welcomed.
On behalf of the entire Board, Nancy Ruiz, Jane Gaffney, Chris Hooke, Rich D’Amato, Jean Barish and Nelle Davis,
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays Happy New Year to you, your families and loved ones.
With warm regards,
Kevin Murphy, President